Wednesday 30th March

| BY Will Johns

The Beauty Scan: Byredo Super Cedar Eau De Parfum


If you’re going to wear perfume, wear it properly. And by properly, I mean a lot of it. Wear it all over your body. On all of your clothes. Inside your bag. Layered in your hair. Enough of it, most importantly, for it to actually be experienced by others. And by others, I don’t just mean whoever you’re getting up close with at the moment. No, your scent should impact on and entice anyone and everyone you might encounter from a somewhat further distance. All of your colleagues. Everyone on the tube. The milkman. The milkwoman. The pizza delivery boy. The pizza delivery girl. A low radius Tinder match should always be able to smell you before they can swipe you.

An example of how to wear fragrance in a proper fashion is set daily by none other than our very own Queen Neophitou-Apostolou. Not that she’d dream of setting even one of her magnificently heeled feet on public transport, nor, to our knowledge, is she on Tinder. You will know however, if you’ve ever been lucky enough to ride in the Merc, which you most probably have not, that she wears enough of the stuff that any passenger, at any given time, is sure to be emerged in a thick cloud of glorious and opulent aroma. This aroma then leaves the vehicle with our Queen, following her wherever she goes in a legendary trail of luxury. And in Whitney’s words, we learned from the best. We learned from you.

Right now we’re opting for the new Super Cedar Eau De Parfum by Byredo. Modern, warm and fresh, it’s got top notes of rose petals, mid notes of Virginian cedar wood, and dry notes of silk musk and Haitian vetiver. This one, as it’s name suggests, could be the Swedish brands most superior scent so far. As our friends at Byredo point out, ‘Super’ means above, beyond, expressing superiority of quality, of the highest degree, hierarchical superiority. Someone or something that is exceptional, superior, extraordinary. Something being it, and someone being yourself. Wear it. Properly. Everyone around you will love you.

Images and text by Will Johns