Monday 21st March

| BY Will Johns

The Beauty Scan: Chanel Spring 2016


Is it a coincidence that Chanel have launched a skincare product all about the number 10? A match made in heaven, you say? Was this genius skin cream – ‘La Solution 10’, with its ten carefully considered ingredients, created especially with us in mind? Were the masterminds at Chanel heavily inspired by the glossy pages they so often frequent? Probably not. But we’re going to take it as a compliment. Whether you are a man, woman or beast, it’s aimed at all of you. And I have personally been smoothing it upon my beastly visage daily, with results I can only describe as miraculous. A hellishly grey, deathly looking mug that was still recovering post fashion week has been transformed into a the face of a glowing angel. If I do say so myself.


Other favourites from the new collections are ‘Les 4 Ombres’ Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadows, the relaunched ‘Le Vernis’ Longwear Nail Colour range, and the ‘Stylo Eyeshadow’ Fresh Effect Eyeshadow pens. Behold their beauteous shades, brought to you in glorious technicolour from 10 studios.

Images and text by Will Johns