Friday 13th May

| BY Will Johns

The Look: Christian Dior AW16


As Natalie catches a glimpse of the above image on my screen, she screams. Loudly. “Bagel!”. Natalie enjoys bagels. “Bagel, bagel!”. A lot. In fact, the woman has bagels on the brain. And, after seeing the Dior show, she has them on her head. I’ll explain. The chic and playful style reminds her of her favourite morning bread product. So passionate about the dense, circular treats is she, that the lady is convinced that bagels are better than men. “You can rely on bagels”, she explains. “Bagels are always there for you, even in your darkest hour”. She reminds the office about that bagel shop on Brick Lane, the one that is indeed always there for you when crawling on your hands and knees, trying to muster the energy to haul your body home in the early hours of Sunday morning. The main reason bagels top men according to Natalie, however, is the fact that “You can, and should, have sausage with your bagel. You can have your sausage, and eat it”. Important to raise the crude point that this of course cannot be reversed. “Men never come with bagels. Men and bagels don’t go hand in hand. It’s sausage without a bagel”. And that’s just a bad breakfast. Anyway, the moral of the story, for all the single male admirers out there, is that the hair at Dior was empowering (while also being very cute). When sporting this particular hairstyle, no man is required. So sport it with the proudest independence. Which, ironically, will surely attract a man. A man who is lesser than your hair. Which is fine for Natalie, as she wouldn’t mind a man. And if it doesn’t work out, she’s safe in the knowledge that her new bagel inspired hair will be there to rely on.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans backstage at Dior AW16