Friday 19th August

| BY Dominic Cadogan

The Look: Gareth Pugh AW16


For the latest instalment in our beauty secrets I will be bestowing upon you the knowledge of changing your face with a quick and easy, non-invasive treatment. A beauty solution that first appeared on the Gareth Pugh AW16 catwalk, I am sure this is going to be huge. It’s a game changer. There was a lot to unpack from the shows beauty, but I don’t want the brushed out brows, glossy burgundy lips or talon like nails to distract you. This is about the Fantastic Elastic. Unhappy with your face shape and thinking there isn’t anything you can do about it? You’re wrong. And you don’t even need to go under the knife. Simply tie an ordinary elastic band around your face and marvel at the wondrous transformation. Cheekbones. Razor sharp cheekbones. So sharp you could cut cheese with it. Which is fairly appropriate. Host a dinner party to show off your new face. As you would do when you undergo cosmetic surgery. Think of all of the time you will save preparing the cheeseboard. If that isn’t enough to sway you then who knows what will? Run free my cheekbone children. Slice the world with your swerves and curves. You’re just so damn edgy.