Friday 22nd July

| BY Dominic Cadogan

The Look: Prada AW16


Hello beauty bloggers. Dominique Devereaux has returned to impart more beauty tips upon your eager ears. This time, how to achieve the look at Prada AW16. You will need: seawater. Now you may be thinking any old seawater will do, but you must be specific or the magic won’t work. Best to avoid seawater from places like Great Yarmouth or Skegness, and aim for seawater from Margate or Brighton. A quick Google search has provided the following testimonial: “You feel good, your skin looks marvelous and your body seems healthier than ever – these are the most fabulous sea water health benefits” from a site called Now I’m not too sure about the science behind it, but that’s enough to sell me. Now for the application. Bringing seawater home to apply in the comfort of your own bathroom is possible, but for best results apply seawater fresh from the ocean. Soak your head for 10-15 minutes and rub around face in an upwards and circular motion for 5. For extra pizzaz like seen at Prada, apply a red lip. With lipstick (I think). Voila!

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans