Friday 5th August

| BY Will Johns

The Look: Versace AW16


The smoky eye. It’s a classic. Forever relied upon for a look sultry enough to perhaps lure a gentleman or lady into your arms of an evening / early morning. Yet also sophisticated enough for a special occasion where one is required to, should we say, “glam up” a bit. They are smoking hot. And not like bush fires. Hot as is in sexy. Donatella herself is the queen of such techniques, famous for the hazy cloud of pigment layered  generously around her eyes. She is also known for her genius sending of replica Donatellas down the catwalk and this season was no exception, especially from the neck up. For AW16, Ms Versace totally ignored the tired old saying of “eyes or lips and never both”. The trick when doing both an eye and lip, it seems, is just to use a very subtle colour on the pout, just like the soft pink you see here. And then you add the smokey eye. This will dramatically frame the eyes. The benefits of such eye makeup could be compared to those of a fantastic piece of underwear. It lifts. It gives the appearance of a tighter, taught skin. It showcases, exaggerates even. Leaving the house without one is just plain wrong. Basically, it makes everyone hot AF. After all, the eyes are the window to the soul, as they say. They also say that your eyes are the doorway to your heart. That they reflect your emotions and your inner being. It’s possible to tell a lot about a person from the expression of their eyes. Best smoke ’em quick them. The Versace way.

Photograph by Jason Lloyd-Evans