Thursday 7th November

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Thom Browne’s Debut Collection of Vetiver Fragrances

Here’s a fun fact for you: the scent of vetiver is used in roughly 90% of all western fragrances. Thanks to its fixative quality, it’s one of the most popular base notes used in traditional perfume making. Ok, now you probably are wondering why the f*ck am I giving you this quick lesson in biology? Well, it’s thanks to mister Thom Browne, the American avant-gardist with a great sense of humour who has recently extended his impeccable taste into the world of fragrances, all with the help of vetiver. And when I say help, what I mean is that Browne created a collection of six very unique luxury fragrances, all based on the green notes coming from Haitian bunchgrass.

Titled after the designer’s birthday, the collection kicks off with 09.27.65, the rich scent in its pureness. That’s the Vetyver Absolute, which then serves as the base of the five other frags. introduces the top note of fresh cucumber, which is swapped in 02 for grapefruit. Then there’s rose, whiskey and smoke – each clear in its mission to appeal to a different kind of personality. By curating each of this familiar scents against the vetiver, Browne does with his fragrances exactly the same as he does with his fashions. Questioning what we know, the audience is here to let go of preconceived notions of smell and just allow Thom Browne to lead the way. His suits combine simplicity with absolute refinement, and so does this hextapych of eau de parfums. You could be sensible and just get one you like the most, but what’s the fun in that? The 09.27.65 collection is here to play with, like in your own make-shift lab where there aren’t any rules. Hybrids of notes which perhaps “shouldn’t” go together make total sense in their contradiction. This is the world of Thom Browne’s after all…

Thom Browne’s 09.27.65 collection of Vetiver fragrances is available to buy in 75ml bottles online and in selected stores, including Dover Street Markets worldwide.