Tuesday 15th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Tips on Easing Your Beauty Routine Into Winter

Yes, it’s that time of the year. Goodbye to flimsy, short-sleeved shirts and denim shorts. Goodbye to sandals – not even socks can help anymore. Getting up in the morning is becoming decidedly more difficult, what with the cold air filling the bedroom as well as getting into a lukewarm shower that just doesn’t get as hot anymore. Okay, that might have something to do with a faulty boiler (note to get in touch with the landlord), but you get the point. All the signs are pointing at the fact that we’re amid the harshest season change in the year. Thanks to global warming, autumn is not really a thing anymore. Instead, our wardrobes, minds and bodies get shocked into dropping temperatures that anticipate snow, ice and not much nice. All of a sudden, a light moisturiser with some SPF won’t cut it either. You might have switched from rosé to mulled wine, but have you made sure your beauty routine follows suite? These five skincare products will help to ease your skin into winter. And as for the mental wellbeing, I recommend ordering one of those SAD lights from Amazon.

1. Ayond Metamorph Cleansing Balm 

First up – cleanse. Even though our skin gets naturally more sensitive during the colder temps, it doesn’t mean you should skip on the step when winter comes. But now is the time to whip out some gentler cleansers that also hydrate the skin. Ayond are an American brand that recently launched with four vegan, cruelty-free and genderless products which combine the fast-paced urban jungle of NYC with the whimsy of the Santa Fe desert. All of the packaging is also created out of post-consumer paper, making sustainability, function and beauty all meet in the Ayond universe. Their cleansing balm brings together natural oils which clean and nurture, while the extracts of wild desert sage and frankincense soothe and restore the skin. With a sweet and woody scent, this is the kind of product that will make you feel like a free-spirited hippie, but without the tacky flower crown.

Ayond Metamorph Cleansing Balm is available to buy online.

2. Oskia Restoration Oil

As far as organic skincare goes, Oskia is the British leader in the field. Their Restoration Oil is a favourite amongst the fashion crowds (Lady Neophitou is a big fan herself), as it adds a much-needed energy boost to your skin. The trick with all of their products is in the use of MSM – the natural form of sulphur which encourages “collagen production, promotes circulation and helps decrease inflammation for a brighter, younger looking complexion.” Sounds good, right? Well, Oskia’s Restoration Oil also mixes a whole bunch of floral oils and extracts, including sea fennel, turmeric, rose hip seed and evening primrose. It smells delicious and will instantly make your skin feel softer – this one is for all those who, just like me, have no patience and want to see results right here and right now.

Oskia Restoration Oil is available to buy online.

3. Aesop Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator

There’s a few things I’m looking for this season. A great pair of black cowboy boots. A mohair jumper. Silence. While skincare might not be able to help with the first two, the latter is the objective of one of Aesop’s latest products. The Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator is a formula that addresses sensitive skin from both the visible and invisible aspects. Using two ingredients that are new to the brand – a green microalgae full of antioxidants and an extract from dormant bulbs of daffodils – the daily moisturiser soothes skin irritation and reduces redness. The active ingredients also works to prevent the invisible signs of dryness like itching and burning, both of which tend to happen while commuting to work during harsh London winters. Plus, the dark brown glass jar will make just the chicest addition to your mirror cabinet.

Aesop Seeking Silence Facial Hydrator is available to buy online.

4. Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream

Bring on the Japanese wonders. Absolute innovators in skincare technologies, Decorté create products that are beauty equivalents to all the wonderful gadgets you never knew you needed. Part of their AQ Meliority line, the Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream fuses together over 22 carefully selected ingredients, including a medical-grade “Shape Memory” which remembers your skin’s shape in its supplest. Thanks to the semi-magical ingredient, the base of the eye cream solidifies with the wearer’s body temperature as it creates a protective mask that smooths, lifts and reduces the appearance of puffiness around the eyes. These are the kind of tricks that even Dynamo wouldn’t be able to pull off.

Decorté AQ Meliority Intensive Regenerating Eye Cream is available exclusively from Harrods.

5. Augustinus Bader The Body Cream

Consider your face ready – but what about the bod? Yes, skin is the largest organ you have, and it does indeed expands well beyond the mug. Professor Augustinus Bader is the man behind a namesake brand that’s become synonymous with the luxury of simplicity in the field. His The Cream (yes, it’s called just that) has a unique, scientific approach that made it one of the biggest award-winning beauty products of last year. A newer addition to the three-product range, The Body Cream treats the rest of your anatomy in the same manor by providing it with rich yet light moisturising that adapts to each of the individual skin types. It might be cold, but that doesn’t mean you’ll be wearing a turtleneck all day and night…

Augustinus Bader The Body Cream is available exclusively from Harrods.