Thursday 11th November

| BY 10 Magazine

Inside 10: London Designer Edward Crutchley Joins Ten Men at Home

Knock-knock! Who’s there? Step into the world of some of our favourite fashion men as they relax at home. Kick your shoes off at the door and we’ll give you the full tour. Highlights include collectable ceramics, architectural plants, modernist sofas and stunning art, all garnished with handsome looks from the AW21 collections. Next up is esteemed London-based designer Edward Crutchley, who wears all clothing designed by him. 

What’s your most prized possession?

“With some of the money I received from winning The International WoolmarkPrize, I bought a painting by Erik Jones, ‘Mason, Ayse, Jasmine’. It’s so full of joy and life I love being around it. It led to Erik and I working together on my 13thcollection which was shown right before the pandemic. It also reminds me of ‘the time before’ and that last fashion show which I really loved.”

What dream item would make your home all that more special?

“I’d love to have more art and photography, but I only moved in to this flat a couple of months ago so I’m taking my time and trying not to fill it up as I tend to be a bit of a hoarder. Actually, maybe space is what makes me happy now. Maybe I’m becoming a minimalist……”

What’s the key to keeping your humble abode a happy one?

“I can easily go into hoarder mode, so trying to be organised and put everything in its place really helps me feel relaxed and happy in my space.”

Photography by Francisco Gomez De Villaboa. Keep your eyes peeled for more inductees to our Ten Men at Home series. Taken from Issue 54 of 10 Men – BOLD & BEAUTIFUL – is out NOW. Order your copy here.