Friday 30th July

| BY 10 Magazine

Inside 10: Designer Roland Mouret Shows Us His Favourite Things

My Favourite Things is our Inside 10 series where we take a peek inside the homes, studios and offices of our favourite creatives and let them show you the objects they love. Today, designer Roland Mouret takes us inside his cottage and atelier in Suffolk. 

“The pieces in my home are from flea markets and antiques shops. It’s the best way to shop sustainably for interiors and find unique pieces that have already had multiple lives. James [B Webster, Mouret’s husband] found this 1970s vase at an antiques fair. I really react to the coloured amber glass against the metal. This contradiction of two textures is what makes the 1970s really collectable.”

“This flag was given to us by James’s grandfather, who had it since his youth. I find it amazing when an object conveys a sense of legacy.”

“This delicate wood sculpture of a female body reminds me of the notion of first love. James gave it to me for my birthday 20 years ago.”

“The kitchen surfaces are always covered with cookbooks. For me, cooking brings life into a home.”

“This was taken in our atelier. On the wall is a bronze laurel from France and in front are cacti. We have cacti all around our home, bringing nature indoors.”

“This is a picture of a sideboard display in our home. I enjoy creating interesting displays, placing seemingly unrelated items next to each other, like in an antiques shop or a cabinet of curiosities. Here we have an anatomy of a man sculpture, which James has owned since he went to art school, juxtaposed with a taxidermy horseshoe crab.”

“We have fabric tote bags hanging all around the house. I enjoy that countryside attitude of quickly grabbing a bag to head down to the market or pick up fruit. Keeping bags all around the house is a great way to avoid single-use plastics.”

“This is a little shrine we built on the outside wall of the atelier at the beginning of last year’s quarantine. It’s a mix of things we picked up on the beach during our dog walks and a terracotta work of James’.”

“I’m a fan of wood burners in winter. This 1970s Swedish wood burner sits in the atelier.”

“It’s all about the contradiction of different elements in this display – the 1950s lamp on a lacquered sideboard, the 18th-century figurines, the écorché plaster sculpture. This sculpture is one of James’s most recent pieces from the series The Wrestlers.”

Taken from Issue 53 of 10 Men – NO PLACE, LIKE, HOME – is out NOW. Order your copy here.