Friday 23rd October

| BY 10 Magazine

10 Men 42: Lucky Blue Smith Interview

Everyone knows the power of “blue steel”, a look so mesmerising people weep. But that was just a film. It wasn’t real. Surely no one could be that ridiculously good-looking? Fast-forward a decade and it turns out they can. Meet Lucky Blue Smith, the living embodiment of blue steel, with eyes to match and a legion of teenage fans so hardcore they practically faint on being within a five-mile radius of him. They have certainly tried to rip the clothes from his body. But there is more to him than just being ridiculously good-looking. For a start, he has two signature looks, not one. here he is, sporting some fabulous Coach product for us. It’s taken from Issue 42 of 10 Men, photographed by Magnus Unnar and styled by Garth Spencer.

Garth Spencer: “So, what’s your name?”

Lucky Blue Smith: “My name is Lucky Blue, I’m 16 years old and I’m with Next models worldwide.”

GS: “All right, Lucky, I’ve got questions for you now. Who or what terrifies you?”

LBS: “Umm, no one really terrifies me… I used to be terrified of, like, missing flights and always get that anxious feeling, and then I missed one yesterday, so I’m not really terrified of that any more.”

GS: “Because you can always get another flight – that’s the thing.”

LBS: “Yeah, exactly.”

GS: “Have you slowed down since you were younger? You started when you were 12, so do you think…?”

LBS: “No, I didn’t do much until I was 14, and then when I was 15 I did some stuff. Then, 15 to 16, a lot, and it has really started to pick up as I’ve got older.”

GS: “Momentum, yeah.”

LBS: “Yeah, so I wouldn’t really say I have slowed down at all.”

GS: “What would you say is essential to becoming famous, or getting respect, in your profession?”

LBS: “Having respect for the people that you’re working with, not being cocky and just having fun with it. Like, don’t take it too seriously. I mean, if you wanna get famous, be polite, have a nice attitude – it goes a long, long way.”

GS: “How do you relax?”

LBS: “I go skateboarding, call my friends, see what they’re up to, hang out with my friends – just basic stuff.”

GS: “How much control do you have to have?”

LBS: “Not a lot. I’m not a controlling person at all.”

GS: “Okay, what is your favourite feeling?”

LBS: “Favourite feeling… umm, when you have accomplished something really good.”

GS: “Is it nice to be recognised?”

LBS: “It’s really fun, I like it. It’s fun.”

GS: “How often do you get recognised, would you say?”

LBS: “I used to not get recognised in the States as much, but in Europe a lot. But then, like a week ago, in LA… I’ve been starting to get recognised a lot more in LA and New York. I think I got noticed, like, 30 times one night at this outdoor mall.”

GS: “And do you notice that it is always girls of a certain age or moms, families or is it everybody? Or is it just a certain sort of demographic that instantly recognises you?”

LBS: “I think the age group that I target right now is… 13- to 21-year-olds. And I’ve had an occasional mom ask for a picture.”

GS: “Are you ever afraid of overexposure?”

LBS: “Yes. It’s not good to be overexposed, in my opinion. Job wise or interview wise, you have to choose wisely of what you do and that’s what my agency has done with me and it’s helped me.”

GS: “What do you do for entertainment?”

LBS: “I like bowling – we just passed a bowling alley and I was like, ‘Oh, I like bowling!’”

GS: “Are you good?”

LBS: “No, I’m very bad. I like skateboarding and just hanging out, watching movies.”

GS: “What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?”

LBS: “When I get up in the morning it’s probably to an alarm or to my mom tapping my leg for me to get up and I’m, like, not wanting to get up, or I just check my phone.”

GS: “What do you put in your hair?”

LBS: “It’s this pomade that Elvis Presley used – it’s called Black & White.”

GS: “Ooh, okay, good tip there. What did you do last week?”

LBS: “Last week? Uh… I had a little break in LA. I had, like, a good four-day break and I just caught up with all my friends and stuff.”

GS: “Who is the most outrageous person you know?”

LBS: “My friend James.”

GS: “Are you a tough guy?”

LBS: “Um, I don’t like setting out to be a tough guy, but well… I’m not really. I’m not like a ‘tough guy’, but if I need to crack the whip, I will.”

GS: “Do you get excited when you meet famous people?”

LBS: “I don’t really get starstruck a lot. It’s cool, like, if I’m meeting someone but they’re just normal people. If I’m meeting someone who is, like, talented in acting and stuff like that – is his name Jack Black or something like that? – he was on my flight today and I was like, ‘Oh, he’s on my flight, that’s cool’, but I didn’t like freak out about it, you know. I like to keep my cool.”

GS: “Is there anything you could not do without? Like your iPhone or a specific thing that you have to have?”

LBS: “Yes. My skateboard.”

GS: “What kind of skateboard do you have?”

LBS: “I used to have a Penny board, but now it’s like an old-school cruiser-type thing.”

GS: “Okay, last question – what’s next, what’s gonna happen next for you?”

LBS: “A few other secret campaigns and some stuff coming up that I can’t really say.”

GS: “Okay, well, we’ll keep an eye out for it!”

Photographer: Magnus Unnar
Fashion Editor: Garth Spencer
Hair: Dennis Gots at The Wall Group
Make-up: Sandra Ganzer at Jed Root
Model: Lucky Blue Smith at Next
All clothing by Coach