Thursday 18th December

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10 Very Stylish Men Italo Zucchelli

Can it really have been a decade since Italo Zucchelli took the reins at Calvin Klein Collection from Calvin Klein himself? Apparently so. Zucchelli’s minimal, masculine, street-inflected looks really have been setting off a gaze of desperate lust about our faces for that long. And what we have also greatly admired from the sidelines of the creative director’s runway shows in that time are his own exits. How the years fly, and my, how Zucchelli has played a great game of keep-uppy with his look. Never appearing in anything other than pristine for his bows, or for any other context we’ve ever met him in, for that matter.

What are you wearing?

“White T-shirt, black jeans, cropped black jean jacket.”

How about what’s not visible?

“Briefs. And of course they are Calvin Klein.”

What’s your greatest fashion luxury?

“To totally relax, wasting time like there’s no tomorrow.”

Are you a carry-on or excess-baggage kind of man?


What’s your biggest sartorial turn-on?

“A perfect-fitting pair of jeans and a perfectly tailored blazer.”

How do you dress to impress?

“I don’t.”

What’s your hangover/out-for-a-pint-of-milk look?

“I like to keep it very basic – a T-shirt, jeans and sneakers.”

Are you part of the zeitgeist?

“I really hope so.”

What’s your earliest memory or concept of style?

“As a teenager in 1983, walking in the streets of London for the first time.”

Who is your ultimate style icon?

“Someone who has an inner style that reflects effortlessly on the outside.”

The true measure of a man is?

“His soul.”

Photographer: Ben Grieme

By Vincent Levy