Saturday 15th November

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10 Very Stylish Men: Massimo Giorgetti

Creative director, MSGM

What are you wearing?

“Light blue oxford sharp-cut MSGM shirt, MSGM chino pants, Prada belt and Stan Smith Adidas sneakers.”

How about what’s not visible?

“Calvin Klein Underwear briefs and striped American Apparel socks.”

What’s your greatest fashion luxury/extravagance?

“A yellow vintage Rolex Oyster from 1962.”

 Are you a carry-on or excess-baggage kind of man?

“A carry-on man – the more I travel the less I carry on.”

What’s your biggest sartorial turn-on?

“The men’s wool/flannel jacket construction – a craftsmanship masterpiece before the lining.”

 How do you dress to impress?

“Black tuxedo, MSGM shirt.”

What’s your hangover/out-for-a-pint-of-milk look?

“Grey sweatshirt, khaki cotton chino pants and Converse All Star sneakers.”

 Are you, or have you ever been, part of a scene?

“I was a skater from 17 to 21. I used to wear Vans, Santa Cruz and Reef.”

What do you love about menswear today?

“I like the fact it is colourful, ironic, printed, brave.”

What’s missing from menswear today?

“A touch of irreverence, which is very MSGM style.”

 Are you part of the zeitgeist?

“I try to be part of the zeitgeist, but it’s hard because it’s important to be always up to date and run fast.”

What’s your earliest memory/concept of style?

“I was three years old, and my uncle came to visit us for a dinner with his girlfriend who was wearing a red fox fur – I was enchanted. I wanted to leave with her.”

Who’s your ultimate style icon?

“I don’t have an icon. I think it is an old concept.”

The true measure of a man is?

“The IQ ones.”

Photographer: Diego Diaz

By Vincent Levy