Friday 19th December

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10 Very Stylish Men Olivier Lalanne

He makes ruling over the world of menswear glossies look easy. In fact, that’s how you’d define his look. Even when dressed up, there’s a certain laissez-faire attitude going on.

What are you wearing?

“Hermes jacket. Sunglasses, Tom Ford.”

How about what’s not visible?

“Arabian Wood by Tom Ford, Avene after-sun body cream all year long, hair cream by Leonor Greyl. No underwear.”

What’s your greatest fashion luxury?

“A vintage gold watch by Jaeger-LeCoultre.”

What’s your biggest sartorial turn-on?

“To be measured up.”

How do you dress to impress?

“Never a tie. Only the first three buttons undone.”

What’s your hangover/out-for-a-pint-of-milk look?

“No days off.”

Are you, or have you ever been part of a scene?

“Scenes are not my scene.”

What do you love about menswear today?

“Hidden luxury.”

What’s missing from menswear today?

“The equivalent of the backless black dress.”

Are you part of the zeitgeist?

“Not to my knowledge.”

What’s your earliest memory or concept of style?

“My grandfather – forever an icon.”

Who’s your ultimate style icon?

“The French actor Louis Garrel, my next cover boy.”

The true measure of a man is?

“To know when ”

Photographer: Maria Ziegelboeck

By Vincent Levy