Friday 12th December

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10 Very Stylish Men Peter Dundas

Dundas wears his crown at Emilio Pucci with shades and a laid-back air. Despite the innumerable demands of his role, his look is always too cool for school.

What’s your greatest fashion luxury/extravagance?

“Hermes boots. I wear out several pairs every season.”

What’s your biggest sartorial turn-on?

“Well-cut jackets are worth their weight in gold.”

How do you dress to impress?

“A nice tuxedo usually does the trick for feeling at your best.”

What’s your hangover/out-for-a-pint-of-milk look?

“A sweatshirt with a pair of shorts worn freestyle.”

Are you, or have you ever been, part of a scene?

“My scene only.”

What do you love about menswear today?


What’s missing from menswear today?

“Inventiveness, creativity, aspiration. Dressing up should be fun.”

What’s your earliest memory/concept of style?

“My dad spending hours choosing the colour of his shirt.”

Who’s your ultimate style icon?

“John Lennon, but also Keith Richards and Serge Gainsbourg.”

The true measure of a man is?


Photographer: Maria Ziegelboeck

By Vincent Levy