Thursday 13th April

| BY Finn Blythe

A Preview Of Berluti’s AW17 Collection Has Come To Harrods


There’s nothing quite like the pairing of those two words, “exclusive preview”, to get the blood pumping. Well, aside from maybe “closing sale” or “bottomless refills”. But you know us, we’re just greedy. And, considering some of the things that ping into my mailbox on a day-to-day basis, from ‘gyms for your vagina” (interesting) to “snoring remedies to save your relationship” (less so), news of an exclusive preview comes as a very welcome treat. The exclusive preview we are referring to is of Berluti’s AW17 collection, the first to be designed by Haider Ackermann, which got everyone talking in Paris, by which we specifically mean us, and even more specifically Jack, who said “it was really nice.” Which, don’t be fooled, is high praise indeed from Mr Moss. The preview comes in the form of five different military bombers, one of which is demonstrated above, which are available exclusively in Harrods. And the best bit? They are in store now. Right now. Go. Run. Buy. /