Sunday 22nd January

| BY 10 Magazine

Acne Studios: Menswear AW17

It was back to school with a four part lecture on self portraiture at Acne Studios’ AW17 presentation. Which was handy. Like, did you know that “in traditional portraiture the nose was a sign of sexual power and of course sexual size”? Us neither. But now we do. And glad of it. We knew our own large honker was good for something. There were clothes, too, obviously, trotted across the stage on the backs of very “Acne” models – a bit attack of the geeks – glasses, corrective footwear, trousers pulled up to eye-watering heights. A 1970s tinge too – ring-pull tracksuit tops that splayed open at the collar with matching coloured trousers (something quite satisfying about a single colour look), tailoring worn with tucked-in polo-neck jumpers beneath. But, thanks to that touch of slightly skewed, Acne weirdness, thoroughly modern. We likey.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans