Wednesday 29th June

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Acne Studios: Menswear SS17

Life is hard sometimes (read: all the time). Especially when you’re at the centre of the universe which obviously we think we are. Don’t you feel like you’re dragging the world around on your back? Or a dead albatross if you’re into The Rime of the Mariner – thanks GCSE English Literature. Well Acne understands your pain. For it’s AW16 presentation the boys dragged around chairs. Symbolic perhaps? Of life’s eternal struggle, because life is hard. Who wants to be fab all the time? We would love to, but we also love eating pizza in pj’s catching up with Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Anyway, Acne Studios knows that, but they’re saying it’s okay to feel the pressure. And how better to alleviate it than dress in their fantastic fashions. An oversized pinstripe rainmac, patent brown boots, a green mesh top – ahhhh I feel the stress relieving already. Thanks Acne – the only kind of acne we want.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans