Sunday 25th June

| BY Jack Moss

Acne Studios: Menswear SS18

Garth very much enjoyed being a model today at Acne Studios SS18 presentation. Not a real one, but we’re not not telling him that. Instead this was something of a role reversal, a Freaky Friday moment, as us, the fashion public, walked the runway as the real models sat and watched us. Which was, all in all, a strangely exhilarating experience. We even got a standing O. Thanks boys. Collection itself was, apparently, inspired by the tranquility of a Swedish summer house, which sounds very nice and all, but how does that translate into clothes? Well, there were brilliant oversized trenches sat over wide-leg trousers that pooled at the feet and little tucked-in argyll jumpers. That full silhouette underscored the collection, which we were very into – well-known is our love of garments of the roomier kind. Tranquil, Swedish, summer house-y. There you go. We want loads of this stuff. That powder blue suit! I’m gonna do it. Actually gonna do it.

Photographs byAnna Stokland