Tuesday 17th May

| BY 10 Magazine

Adventures In Fendi’s Flowerland

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This morning we had the privilege of swanning around an unopened Selfridges like true ladies of leisure, escorted by our chaperones at Fendi HQ. The reason for our out-of-hours shopping excursion? The launch Fendi’s botanic-filled pop-up, Flowerland, opening today on the department store’s second floor. As the saying goes, “April showers bring May flowers”, so being May and all, flowers there were plenty, whether the leather sorts that speckled Fendi’s bags, or the hundreds of little glass bottles filled with petals, dreamt up by Japanese artist Azuma Makoto and hand-made out on the premises by a specially qualified “flower artisan”. Which you can purchase, in order to, as the little blurb says “enjoy beauty in their full bloom and also when they fade away elegantly after about five days”. Suggestions for bottle use thereafter came courtesy of Jelena, an enthusiastic Selfridges shop assistant who accosted us shortly after – “you can use it to store essential oils. In your bathroom” Thanks Jelena. She would also later warned us, with much urgency, to “watch out for whipped cream”. But that’s a different story. In other food-based news from the day, we ate a yoghurt with a sumptuous cube of honeycomb atop, an orange-scented pastry and a tiny little bowl of balled fruit. Which contained kiwi. To which Will is allergic, and thus subsequently suffered the swelling of his tongue and throat. So we had to leave. And all before 9.30am.

Jack Moss & Will Johns