Sunday 12th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Agi & Sam: Menswear SS17

As Phoebe has just pointed out opening to Jolene and ending on Moby is always a good crowd pleaser and for this Agi & Sam should be applauded. But putting musical choices aside for the moment, what of the clothes? Would it be wrong to call this a Tim Burton vision of Willy Wonka? The oversized round glasses led seem to suggest so. As would the flowers squashed on the sides of faces with cling film. The silhouette is boxy and slightly ill fitting, cut to sit awkwardly on the body in a palette of muted but weirdly bright 70s hues and brocade. Think of this as an ode to check. This was graphic in both print and shape, and finished off with a rubber glove. The kind you wash dishes in, not the kind that makes you shudder in airport customs when you hear the snap of it against skin behind you.