Saturday 9th January

| BY Jack Moss

Alex Mullins: AW16 Menswear Presentation

“The process of boredom” was the inspiration behind Alex Mullins’ Autumn/Winter 16 collection. You know, that point at 3pm on a Wednesday afternoon where your mind wanders to strange and wonderful worlds where you no longer have to work and you can mostly spend your time lying on the beach and/or shagging that boy/girl you’ve stared at on the tube for the past three mornings. Alex’s boredom ponderings were not office-based, though, but bus-stop based – “romanticising the idea of waiting for the bus in the cold” – hair wet, the models clad in twisted silhouettes and photographic textiles, made in collaboration with Hazel Gaskins, colourful and frantic, their faces and bodies marked with metallic paint. A mental escape from the everyday. And there was denim, too, of course – it’s Alex’s one true love – which grounded proceedings, just a little, slouchy tops left frayed at the edges, a denim jacket, warped and cropped. Surreal, energising and just a little bit camp. Good thing, obv. We’re off to, as Iggy Pop may say, bore ourselves. See you on the other side.

Photographs by FirstView