Sunday 12th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Alex Mullins: Menswear SS17

To quote from the notes that are press, for this SS17 season Alex Mullins, “takes on the repetitive and formulaic traits of the internet by self-referencing to form memes within the collection, building, customising, cutting and pasting ideas in a construction worker style”. And how does one translate a meme into clothing form? Personally I’m still trying to figure out what a meme is but then I’m slow but what to do. Anyway, the clothes, think loose boxy layers in earthy browns and dusty pinks. Wide trousers are a little short and come in the form of a construction pant, cream tops are printed with gold fish and red bricks, straps cover backs taking on the guise of heavy fringing. SS17 brings with it “lustful warm weather” and “baggy silhouettes that breathe”. Or so we’ve read.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans