Friday 31st July

| BY Paul Toner

Ten Loves: Alexander McQueen Men’s Pre-Fall Tie

There’s nothing sexier than a man in a suit and tie, am I right ladies? Well, we can one-up that, because if he’s suited and booted in some signature Alexander McQueen tailoring, homeboy is gonna like… get it (an archaic meme, we apologise). The brand’s men’s pre-fall 2020 collection is a tight edit that’s tailored to perfection, quite literally. Sharp lines, slashed seems and prominent shoulders feel quintessentially McQueen, themes that have re-occurred both in the brand’s mens- and womenswear. One of our favourite pieces from the collection has to be this grey, skinny tie. Cracking when worn with a McQueen slender suit, the tie comes adorned with a detailed, floral embroidery. The flowers were actually inspired by a research trip the brand took to Scotland, where the McQueen team explored both the indigenous wildlife in the country as well as the Scottish arts and crafts movement. Whilst the probability of any of us attending a swanky event any time soon is rather slim, who’s to say you can’t just wear some McQueen magic to the park? Tinnies and a pack of chilli heatwave Doritos has never looked so glam.

Alexander McQueen’s men’s pre-fall 2020 collection is available to pre-order now.