Monday 16th January

| BY Jack Moss

Alexander McQueen: Menswear AW17

Because who needs all that hassle of going to a fashion show, when you can, instead view an entire collection through image alone? And no, we don’t mean those straight up and down Vogue Runway jobbies, but instead these beaut images that have just been delivered to us from Alexander McQueen this afternoon. An atmospheric catalogue of pictures, photographed by Ethan James Green, of the house’s AW17 menswear offering. Because really, who wants to schlep, well, anywhere, when you can enjoy in the privacy of your own home? This drew upon, to begin with the press release, the figure of Oscar Wilde. Specifically, Oscar Wilde’s travels between London and Paris, and the way that he picked up clothing cues from in between – rich heritage fabrics and velvet appliques, coming from his time in Britain before moving onwards, into, what the press release calls “fanciful” dressing as we move towards Paris – rich jacquards, velvet that looked almost like Persian rug, bodice-style jackets. Or those two giant peacocks, embellished on to a cape. And all with a sort of haunting, gothic edge. Very that.