Friday 19th January

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Alexander McQueen: Menswear AW18

There’s something very Gary Numan about the new Alexander McQueen collection. It could be the suiting, tailored to impeccable crispness, or the colour palette of red and black. Are clothes electric? Yes, in the case of Alexander McQueen they are. The collection, to quote from the press release because we can, “takes as it’s starting point the elegant modernism of the British male, with references as diverse as the tailors of Saville Row to the styles favoured by the pony kids of Ireland.” You could, in a sense call it a riff on British subcultures. A little modish, a little punkish, a sort of pick n mix in clothing form. Tailored jackets are paired with narrow trousers with an ever so slightly flared, kicky cuff. Matching macs are tied round the waits creating an imposing, almost papal silhouette, well, person of the Church silhouette anyway. Oversized shearlings and parkas reflect the pony boy reference and come with hand painted roses or floral embroideries adding a softness to the overall sharpness of the collection. A sort of ying and yang- or sweet and sour if you’d rather.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans