Tuesday 15th September

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Denim Done Right: Ambush Launch a New Line

Is it just us or do everyone’s older relatives love complaining about the jeans you wear? If we had a pound every time our gran, mum or aunty pointed out we had a rip in our beloved denim, or that it’s simply time for us to “get some new jeans”, we’d have enough wonga to kickstart a denim company of our own…

Japanese unisex brand Ambush, however, may have provided us with an excuse to buy those ‘new’ jeans they were after all along, and really give our older relatives something to talk about. Dubbed Denim by Ambush, co-founder of the brand and overall creative polymath, Yoon Ahn, has worked with a series of immensely talented Japenese craftsmen to create a line that feels both disruptive and of the now.

Comfort and durability are placed at the forefront of the collection, with elasticated waistlines and mid-weight denim throughout, whilst elements of experimentation come into play through acid washes and distressed edges. The varied fits and silhouettes give way for a multitude of styling options. From everyday basics to the more daring patchwork pieces, you’re bound to find the perfect pair of jeans, denim jacket or, if you’re feeling up to the task of styling double denim – why not treat yourself to both?

Denim by Ambush is available online and in select stores now.