Saturday 25th June

| BY 10 Magazine

Ann Demeulemeester: Menswear SS17

Rebel in love was the theme of Sébastien Meunier’s Spring 2017 collection for Ann Demeulemeester, according to the designer himself. Plenty of rebels fall in love with Demeulemeester’s style, both under the founder and now during Meunier’s tenure. Because the clothes are both dark and romantic, bloused Baudelaire poet shirts and layers of silk and chiffon wrapped artfully about the body. It’s a distinct proposition, an aesthetic Deneulemeester helped create that has influenced entire generations of gothy teenagers listening to Patti Smith and shrouding themselves in similar finery. And there is an inherent romance to that silhouette and approach, so connected with the dandyish princes of elegance from the 19th century, albeit with the punk edge of holey mohair sand Demeulemeester’s signature de instruction. Loyal rebels will adore.


Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans