Sunday 10th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Astrid Andersen: AW16 Menswear

Astrid Andersen loves sporty stuff. We know that. But what is perhaps lesser known is her love of fabric experimentation. She’s shredded fur, intarsia-ed it, bonded lace and satin with sweatshirting. The latter two were on offer for winter 2016 – fabric experimentation was the inspiration for the whole show this time, but the trademark the fur was absent bar a foxy trim on a hooded parka in a lipstick shade of crimson. That’s because Andersen is showing her fur wares in a bespoke showroom in Paris, for her hardcore cadre of fans. And she certainly has them, men who want to look a million bucks and are willing to pay something not that far short for the privilege.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans