Monday 8th January

| BY Jack Moss

Astrid Andersen: Menswear AW18

Astrid Andersen combined two loves of ours, those loves being hunky young men and cowboy hats. She’s always had hunky young men, but she hasn’t always had cowboy hats. So was it a ride on, to put it bluntly, Ms Andersen’s rodeo? Sort of. Because Astrid, for all the in-your-face-ness of her sportswear, is a woman of subtle nuances. Yes, there was plaid, and lumberjack-style shirts, those hats, all of that, but Astrid gathers her references from around the globe – taking the shapes of sportswear and making them altogether more luxurious, with touches of the Far East, of South and North America, a rich and elevated collage of go-faster stripes, animal print and frayed jacquards. There was even a nod to our current British location with houndstooth checks and Argyll checks, which felt new. Those Argyll checks extended down the leg of a very tight cycle short, and the thigh within it. And for that thigh, and that short, we are truly thankful.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans