Sunday 24th January

| BY 10 Magazine

Balmain: AW16 Menswear

Balmain’s army aren’t that great at camouflage. Well, they’re not unless you’re trapped in a giant glitter ball. Or a chandelier factory. Or the Swarovski HQ in glittery, shimmery shiny Austria, who must celebrate February 23rd as a national holiday each time Olivier Rousteing presents his blingtastic, glitz-blitzed Balmain collections. For winter, Monsieur Rousteing was thinking of his army, and also military gear of the past – braided hussars, curassiers, general Royal blokes clad in opulent regal attire. Aristocrats of them meet the aristocrats of now – and after a campaign that reignited the flame of supermodel fandom with guest appearances by Naomi, Claudia and Cindy, Rousteing decided to establish his own bevy of boy supers – Baptiste, Jon K, Sean O’Pry. Supreme as super models. Super good.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans