Monday 19th October

| BY Jack Moss

Balmain x H&M: The Mens Lookbook

Did you know that the opening line of  Michael Jackson’s Bad is “your butt is mine, gonna tell you right”? I know – how direct of him. Perhaps my sensitive disposition had blanked it out. I mention Michael Jackson Bad because it is this era I am reminded of when I flip through these brand new images from the Balmain x H&M collection. There’s a distinct likeness to the King of Pop’s wardrobe – you know, red leather, lots of gold embellishment, military leanings etc – and, since Olivier Rousteing played a Michael Jackson mega-mix at his women’s show in Paris, we can presume he is a fan. But the Balmain x H&M gentleman also has what I would call a “sexual directeness”. He knows what he wants. He has urges. But he’s glamourous too, a world-wide jetsetter. And his wardrobe proves he really can do it all – sexy biker. Check. Sexy military man. Yup. Sexy sailor. You got it. There’s even a boiler suit, so I guess sexy mechanic is also an option? What more could a man possibly want from his wardrobe? For those who aren’t quite yet ready to plunge head first into a full Balmain look, there are plenty of nicely branded t-shirts to show your allegiance to the #BalmainNation in a subtler manner. So gird your loins boys, Balmain x H&M hits stores on November 5th. /