Monday 2nd November

| BY Jennifer Raymont

Bell & Ross Redesigns the Classic BR 05 Timepiece

As we utter the words “time is a construct” in the hope that the upcoming second lockdown won’t feel as long as the last, Bell & Ross has given us an ideal distraction: a rather brilliant and very stylish new watch. Designed for city explorers and inspired by flight instruments, the BR 05 collection of modern timepieces will certainly make you want to stay ahead of the clock.

The BR 05 is fitted with a new chronograph function – yes, it all sounds very complicated but stay with us – making this collection of watches perfectly adapted to everyday life. This brings a new and improved ability to “measure and control short time periods,” so deadline stress will definitely be a thing of the past.

Next, comfort, as well as style, of course, has been in designers’ minds when making this new timepiece come to life. The case and bracelet are effortlessly fused into one piece to fit the contours of your wrist perfectly, and what’s more, the bracelet is available in either steel or rubber. Either way with the new BR 05 and its timeless class – pun intended – you won’t be able to help yourself watch the time fly by.

The Bell and Ross BR 05 is available online now.