Tuesday 14th June

| BY Dominic Cadogan

Belstaff: Menswear SS17

Rugged. The most appropriate word to describe the Spring/Summer 2017 collection from Belstaff. Makes you just wanna grrrr. It was shown on a Sunday. On Any Sunday is also the name of a 1971 film which stars Steve McQueen. And this is who the Belstaff man was based on – we think. And this wasn’t just for men who love motorbikes, but also for people who love men who love motorbikes. Like a roadie lover. Hop on the back of his bike (named Adonis) and grab him tight. He’s wearing the perfect nuzzling material – either wearing a jacket of denim, leather or the softest suede. Mmm they smell so good, he makes you swoon. You grip him a little tighter around his lightweight cotton t-shirt. He’s sweating a little but you like that. You’re purring like a cat. He’s growling like bear. Now ride roadie. Ride Adonis with your Adonis into the sunset.