Wednesday 4th March

| BY Dino Bonacic

Ten Loves: Berluti Alessandro Edge Shoes

When it comes to shoes, we’ve got quite a high standard to uphold here at Ten Towers, with our Editrix Sophia Neophitou being a footwear goddess of sorts. With a private collection that goes beyond numbers we can count, she’s an expert in everything south of ankles or, in the case of her favourite patent leather lace-up booties, south of knees. So imagine how excited we were to receive the news that Kris Van Assche’s take on the sculptural lace-up shoes from SS20 has finally launched. While we’re still yet to decide who gets the honour of getting a pair and do the fancy show-off dance in front of Lady Neophitou, here’s a little backstory for you. Berluti’s most recognisable lace-up shoe was originally launched in 1895 as the Alessandro Oxford, made from a single piece of leather and with no visible seams. Over a century later, it’s become a sort of emblem of the Italian fashion house, synonymous with their uncompromising elegance.

For the SS20 season, Van Assche has reworked the silhouette with a uniquely sharp, diamond-cut-inspired Edge last. And that’s your Alessandro Edge! It comes in two variations – Empreinte inscribed with words and motifs created by Olga Berluti, and our fave Highlight which stands out for its neon tangerine rubber sole extension inspired by stain marble tables on which Berluti craftsmen hand-dye patina shoes. Both are made in the brand’s signature soft-yet-sturdy Venezia leather, and showcase the Testa Di Moro Intenso seasonal patina, created from the iconic TDM patina and given a modern twist by mixing it with delicate fluoro touches. In shoe expert lingo, this is pure heaven!

The Berluti Alessandro shoes are available to shop online.