Friday 22nd January

| BY 10 Magazine

Berluti: AW16 Menswear

Alessandro Sartori  went to the desert to find inspiration for his latest Berluti collection. It wasn’t Lawrence of Arabia or anything overwrought like that, more to the desert landscape of Marfa, Texas, and its palette of scrubgrass beige, granite, and variegated shades of sand. Banded in a knee-length coat, they looked chic; not too sandcastle. Add in the work of Donald Judd – for copy highlights – and a collab with Brooklyn-based artist Scott Campbell, and it’s got depth. The work of Campbell a true partnership, with his tattoo designs emblazoning tailoring and accessories alike. It was a rather forward proposition for the hitherto gone and colour focused Berluti, but thinking ink meant they struck gold.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans