Wednesday 14th June

| BY Jack Moss

Bobby Abley: Menswear SS18

Garth found this one a bit difficult, bless. He’s afraid of Teletubbies, “like a pet is afraid of a hoover,” apparently. He thought it was going to bite him. Poor Garthy. Because Bobby Abley’s show finished with a real life Teletubby. We think it was Dipsy? Answers on a postcard. And Teletubbies appeared throughout – the hair, of course, but also printer of sweaters and tees. They’ll sell like hotcakes. The rest of the collection was typically Bobby – that brilliantly nuts mash up of pop culture references – Christina Aguilera t-shirts, lip prints, drawn-on tits. Bobby Abley-branded dungarees. Flashes of six pack abs. It was typically sporty – tracky shorts and hoodies, joggers that unpopped along the seams. And some luxe-y nightwear – silky dressing gowns and matching shorts. Smattering of fun accessories too – teddybear bags and bumbags that fell away into streamers. It may not be for everyone, but Bobby’s fans will lap this up…