Friday 22nd January

| BY Paul Toner

Boramy Viguier: Menswear AW21

On the surface, it’s easy to dismiss Boramy Viguier’s work as political. The emerging Parisian designer uses fashion as a vehicle for sheer fantasy. Why do your run-of-the-mill fashion show when you can create your own mythical worlds?

These surreal lands imagined by Viguer could read as a comment on the unrest that swamps everyday life. In actual fact, Viguier just wants to make epic movies rife with unconditional, fantastic outcomes. “I am not thinking about street style nor reality,” says the designer. “I wanted to create something with a strong mystical mindset.”

Dubbed Ressurection – not so much the religious kind, more the ability to be able to reinvent oneself how one pleases – the designer staged his AW21 collection in a mini-blockbuster which follows a protagonist as she duals it out with scary villain who has a sword that can turn to flames. Woah.

The otherworldly fashions on display are very much in tune with the techy-tailoring hybrids we expect from the designer. Think velvet overcoats, hourglassed blazers and cracking leather skirts and trousers. Viguier is probably the only designer who can put office shirts, priest stoles and Couture-like satin outerwear in one collection and it all manages to work. That’s because he’s a designer rooted in surrealism as opposed to everyday life. Medievalism over mundanity. “I find comfort in creations that imply fantasy,” says the designer. “I don’t want to create something real.”

Photography courtesy of Boramy Viguier.