Thursday 24th October

| BY Dino Bonacic

Boramy Viguier’s Mythical Menswear Has Pockets for Tarot Cards (and You Can Now Shop it at Browns Fashion)

Whenever I end up in the spiritual section of a bookshop and pick up one of those colourful packs, one of my friends are always there to remind me that I can NEVER (yes, they say it in capital letters) buy my own Tarot cards. It has something about bad luck or cursing your bright future or it’s just a bit self-involved to think you have the powers to read someone’s faith? It also might simply be some superstitious bull*shit, but don’t tell them I said it. Anyway, I’m a good person who sometimes listens to friends’ advice and so I’ve never bought tarot cards for myself. That’s until now (sorry mystic mates), as Paris-based emerging designer Boramy Viguier designed a menswear capsule collection at Browns Fashion with most of the garments accessorised with a single tarot card. “I like the idea that it is from the closet of a modern crusader of some sort, with a strong spiritual value,” explains Viguier who hosted a party in celebration of the launch last night at a candle-lit industrial space of System Preferences in Shoreditch.

In the past year, Viguier has been recognised as one of the biggest emerging names to come out of Paris, with spots in both the finals of the ANDAM and semi-finals of the LVMH prize. However, don’t you think his success comes out of the blue – those who followed the successful run of Lucas Ossendrijver as the creative lead of Lanvin’s menswear will recognise elements of military tailoring and utilitarianism in Viguier’s signature. He spent four years working with Ossendrijver on crafting that vision, parts of which he then took onto his namesake brand when it launched in 2018. Impeccable lines morph into garments that can’t really be called suits or tracksuits – Boramy Viguier’s clothes go beyond a dress-code. Instead, they are inspired by the ancient and arcane wrapped in a language of mysticism. Streamlined for the everyday, those ideas transform into a functional wardrobe sprinkled with esoteric symbols such as compartments made to fit a tarot card. In case you’re not one of those horoscope Henrys though, you can swap it for a business card, a map of the town or just your phone. Boramy Viguier won’t judge, but my friends just might.

Boramy Viguier’s exclusive AW19 capsule collection is available to buy at Browns East and online with Browns Fashion.