Wednesday 13th July

| BY Jack Moss

BOSS Release Barnaby Roper-directed Menswear Film

A bit like the beginning of Madonna’s 2009 hit, Hung Up, this film starts with the sounds of a ticking clock. Unlike the beginning of Madonna’s 2009 hit, Hung Up, this sound is not accompanied by her muscled rump in a pink leotard getting intimate with the floor of a dance studio. Nope, this video actually stars the handsome (and fully clothed) model Sven de Dries who is wearing rather nice new season BOSS menswear. The film, directed by the acclaimed Barnaby Roper, charts Sven’s journey from factory waiting room to causing mad havoc via the power of his mind: “TVs crackle with static, machines crank into operation, and the man’s outfit seamlessly changes as he steps from one empty room to the next”. A bit like a male, non-child Matilda. The real star is those lovely garms, though: “strikingly contemporary silhouettes and fabrics meet iconic motifs and materials – houndstooth, pinstripe and corduroy are all reworked for a bold new aesthetic”. At the end of the film, we return to the waiting room. Was it all a product of his imagination? Who knows. As BOSS say: “whatever the truth, this bold new-season film continues to evolve the unique, modern vision of BOSS Menswear.” Watch it above…