Monday 19th January

| BY 10Magazine

Bottega Veneta Milan Fashion Week Aw15 Backstage Boys

Colours are a tricky thing. If they clash, they look like shit. If they go, they look like sex. As I say, they are a tricky thing. Thomas Maier used lots of colours for his autumn/winter 2014 collection. He used them well. Masterfully well. Red-brown, purple (or a colour that the press release told me was called “byzantine”) and pink-grey; pink, orange and more byzantine; yellow-green, green and black Did they clash? No, not even a bit. Did they go? Yes, they looked like sex. Thomas Maier is a verified colour magician. Because of the colours and also the braces, cravats, corduroy and tweed, the collection had a Bohemian, artisanal feel to it. A feel that we want. Colour us up, Bottega.

Photographer: Jason Lloyd-Evans

By Ted Stansfield