Monday 22nd May

| BY Jack Moss

Bottega Veneta: Resort 2018

Bottega Veneta’s raison d’être is luxury at every level. Eye-watering luxury. And it sells. Not to us, because we’re poor, but to rich men and women. Think: high echelon fabrics – felted cashmeres, reversible intarsia shearlings, napa leather so buttery that you might actually be able to spread it. Because this isn’t stiff – there’s always something relaxed about Tomas Meier’s work – even in the stratospherically glamorous world of Italian fashion, the clothes are effortless. His thinking goes something along the lines of: how can I transform the day-to-day wardrobe into something totally expensive? He’s good at that. Don’t those sensibly just-below-the-knee dresses look right? Super, even? Prim, yes – a little 1940s – but also sexy, in a kind of warped way. There’s a bit of a mash-up of decades here – detecting a whiff of the 1970s that has scented Meier’s work for the last few seasons – the way the knitwear is tucked into suede dresses is a bit Bianca Jagger, so too those high waisted jeans that nip the waist and get wider as they move down to the ankle. Femininity comes in through delicate butterfly embellishment, and those final silk gowns, loosely tied around the waist. They’re a bit Japanese. Flick on to the menswear too. It’s beautiful. Masc, yes, but also louche. We’d happily wear it all. In fact, we’re a bit sweaty. Wouldn’t mind changing. Nice PR, mind sending some over?