Burberry Celebrate The Long Hot Summer With Their Latest B Series

If there’s anyone who likes summer hols more than us, it’s Riccardo Tisci. A deep dive into his Instagram reveals he’s been deep diving into the sea for the past few weeks. Lake Como and Ibiza, with sailing through some unknown waters in between. Burberry’s creative director knows how to have fun. We imagine a lot of cocktails and sunscreen, but what about the looks? Sorting out himself as well as all the other hot boys on the beaches around the world, Tisci made sure his latest B Series drop is all about sexy summer vibes. The monthly Burberry social media drop was imagined as an instrument making sure the brand’s retail experience is keeping up with the times, and for July it’s all about a black pair of swim briefs. Embellished only with contrasting white stitching and a matching bold logo framing the bum, these briefs are pure elegance. Gone are the days of contrasting neons or comedic prints – this is Burberry’s hot summer. To say they are revealing would be an understatement, but we all know and love Tisci’s ways in fashion. Elevated sex appeal, showing off everything and more. Get us to the gym asap.

The July B Series are currently available exclusively through Burberry’s Instagram, Line & Kakao platforms before dropping into the brand’s stores.