Wednesday 5th August

| BY Jack Moss

Calvin Klein: AW15 Campaign by Charles Atlas

Some things have to be appreciated in motion. So, when Calvin Klein chose to make a video campaign for their latest collection, who better to helm it than cult filmmaker and artist Charles Atlas? After all, he’s made a career of depicting the body in movement – from the avant-garde choreography of Merce Cunningham to Leigh Bowery’s legendary performance art.

As you might expect, there’s not a lot of standing still. For the women’s campaign, Atlas draws on the spirited, sixties feel of Francisco Costa’s collection – the models skip and shimmy, leaving trails of technicolor silhouettes in their wake. The men’s is more typically CK-esque – muscular bodies, of course, athletic movement, a dynamic, geometric set. There’s even some brief nudity (sorry – spoiler). But don’t worry – even with all this stimulation, it’s the still the clothes we’re looking at.

Watch the men’s video here

Video: Charles Atlas

Models: Grace Hertzel, Tami Williams, Maartje Verhoef, Otto Pierce, Filip Hrivnak