Saturday 11th March

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Calvin Klein Collection: The Sunglasses

TM45_Ten Commandments

I think we can all agree that what makes a face truly stand out in a sea of faces is not piercing eyes, nor razor-sharp bone structure. No. What makes a face stand apart from other faces are the sunglasses adorning said visage. Take this handsome pair from Calvin Klein Collection, for example. Notice the shape. These are what you would call designed. You don’t get that round-edged rectangular shape down the back end of your local market. Notice how shiny the lenses are. Not mirrored exactly, but high sheen enough for people on the street to slow down when they see you so that they can catch a glimpse of themselves in them, bolstering both your and their fragile egos. You get to think they’re checking you out, when they are actually getting to check themselves out. It’s a win-win all round. They also have the benet, to quote Garth, of adding some much needed Tom Cruise-Top Gun appeal to your person. Wear these and watch your Grindr explode. Just keep it away from your sunglasses. You don’t want it exploding all over these. Yes, accidents happen, but try to avoid them as best you can, and if that fails, don’t forget these are wipe-down. Just remember to use a soft cloth – you don’t want any unsightly scratches on your lenses.

Take from “Ten Commandments” Issue 45 of 10 Men, FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE, on newsstands now… 

Photographer Luke & Nik
Fashion Editor Will Johns