Saturday 18th February

| BY Jack Moss

Central Saint Martins Class Of 2017 Show At LFW

Well known is our love of young talent. Minds out the gutter, please – we mean of the fashion design sort. And who has more young talent in the building than Central Saint Martins? It’s the school that has pretty much been the lifeblood of British fashion for decades. And tonight we saw the class of 2017. Starting with the deserved winners of this year’s L’Oreal prize – Gabriele Skucas and Stefan Cooke. Gabriele showed what was kind of a skewed governess – some shirts in cotton, others in fine knitwear and all tucked into long felted knit skirts, pleated and falling just below the ankle. Stefan’s was a play on the British uniform, or, more specifically, the fabrics – tiny, sheer sweaters in stretchy tartan and argyle, with almost Cricket jumper-style perspex bibs that sat atop. Honourable mentions go to Peter Movrin, who fulfilled full-on Quality Street dressing fantasies, with big shiny ruffles that made a satisfying – can we call it crispy? crunchy? – noise as they walked down the runway or Tom Guy, who had the bright idea to stitch his name on to his creations – big, couture-like tulle poufs that sat on cinched moiré jumpsuits. To close the show, Gabriella Sardena provided a suitably nuts offering which included snout-like decorations on fuzzy printed velvet dresses, or huge knitted mittens that hung down from the sleeves. And pink, let’s call them bum pillows. Comfy.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans