Sunday 5th January

| BY Paul Toner

Charles Jeffrey Loverboy: Menswear AW20

We entered the cult of loverboy for the final show of the day as Charles Jeffrey staged a dark ceremony that brought a flare of Midsommer to the Battersea Art Centre. Soundtracked by a blistering techno beat, models powered through the space, before halting to salute a tree that appeared as if it was breathing, drenched in CDs and a giant disco ball. Lost boys in logo jumpers, school uniform shorts and bomber jackets with ears on the hoods walked alongside slightly dishevelled ball gowns and creators in the finest Loverboy tartan.

The beautifully-curated chaos had a historical touch. A sense of ceremony was derived from The Festival of the Horse, which has taken place on the Scottish Island of Orkney for over 200 years. Skipping on the Grand National, the designer favoured a ritualistic dance routine to foreshadow the finale. The procession that is the finale, led by former Ten cover star Lily McMenamy, saw the gang of Loverboy eccentrics walk the space hand in hand to Frankie Goes to Hollywood’s The Power of Love. Charles Jeffrey’s Loverboy community remains one of togetherness, compassion and open to all the best-dressed weirdos in London. Where do we sign up?

Photographs by Jason-Lloyd Evans.