Monday 13th June

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Christopher Raeburn: Menswear SS17

The starting point for Christopher Raeburn’s SS17 collection was George Lucas’ debut film, THX 1138. A film I might add, that I have never seen, but then I don’t think I’ve ever seen a George Lucas film, except for American Graffiti. Star Wars I feel asleep in, more than once, before the opening credits had even finished, but then, that’s never stopped me referencing it freely as if I know anything about it. But anyway, THX 1138 is, apparently about a “vision of a terrestrial dystopia future”, and “the hope and momentum of the early years of the Race for Space”. And how does that translate into clothes? Well, firstly, women are also going where no man has been before, or should that now be, has been before. Yes, there were girls in the collection as well as boys. Secondly, it’s all about function. But then Christopher Raeburn’s clothes have always had a sense of function to them. Think technical fabrics fashion into parkas and bombers, layered over jersey and mesh and liberally scattered with a space rocket graphic. Houston we have lift off.

Photographs by Jason Lloyd-Evans