Thursday 13th November

| BY 10Magazine

Church’s: Ss15 Press Day

‘Church’s are tradition embodied’ claims young Ted. ‘When you buy a shoe from Church’s you’re essentially buying an heirloom. They date back almost as far as the battle of Waterloo.’ Ted has not in fact been enlisted by Church’s for Guerila advertising. And no we’re not 100 percent on that last fact either. His promotional monologue (that was literally just a snippet) comes from a totally genuine place. Naysayers would do well to look beneath the desks of 10 Towers, as Ted often sports a pair once owned by his grandfather which still look mint. Not just mint as in mint condition, but mint as in really cool. Isn’t that something northerners sometimes say? Anyway, here’s one of their latest styles looking totally mint.

By Vincent Levy