Sunday 16th April

| BY Natalie Dembinska

Church’s: The Loafer

Churchs Loafers

White is the colour of milk or fresh snow, and due to the reflection of all visible rays of light, it is the opposite of black. It’s the colour of wine, white wine. It can refer to eggs and eyes, but only the outer parts of both; the white pieces in chess or draughts; and even butterflies, the white ones, which have dark veins or spots on the wings and can be a serious crop pest. It is also, most importantly, the colour of shoes. Church’s Pembrey M loafer, to be more specific. Notice the handsome stitching on the leather upper. It’s done by hand. Adult hand. Stitch by painstaking stitch. You’ll notice that the leather is matt, not shiny. That’s the sign of a classy white shoe. No one wants white patent on their feet. One word: tacky. There are two types of people who wear white shoes, or more specifically white loafers: masseuses and people who own boats. There are probably other people, too, such as the juror in Serial Mom, but she was killed for wearing white shoes after Labor Day, and she isn’t a real person so doesn’t really count as a white-shoe wearer. So should you ever want to become a masseuse, or aspire to buy a boat, may we recommend these? Sadly, as the soles aren’t white, you can’t actually wear them on your boat. No one likes a scuffed deck. But they would look pretty in your closet below deck.

Taken from Issue 45 of 10 Men, FLUID UNIQUE BRAVE, on newsstands now… 

Photographers Luke & Nik
Fashion Editor Will Johns